Vegetable Stir Fry


1 tin of kidney beans: 30p
1 onion (chopped small): 16p
1 cereal bowl of cold cooked rice: 45p
Selection of vegetables e.g. carrots, sweetcorn, green beans: £1.50
Sweet chilli sauce: £2.00
Oil (2 table spoons): £1.50
Optional: garlic: 30p, chillies: 60p, ginger: 27p, soya sauce to taste: £1.30, 2 eggs: 24p

Total cost using supermarket own brand products: £5.91

Cost per person: £2.95


1. Put 2 table spoons of oil into a pan (medium heat). Then add the onions.
2. Optional: Add garlic, chillies and ginger.
3. Add vegetables and fry for 3 minutes, mixing in between.
4. Drain the water and add the kidney beans. Mix for a few minutes.
5. Add cooked rice.
6. Add sweet chilli sauce (and soya sauce) and mix.
7. Optional: Add eggs and mix until eggs are cooked.