About Our Café

"We enjoyed a very pleasing experience today. The people are so friendly and helpful. The food was well cooked and of a high standard. What a good idea to utilise the food discarded by various big stores as a way of helping the hungry and the less well off and needy."
- P & J, Coventry -

"Tim and Katie prepared an amazing buffet of delightful food made – unbelievably – entirely from supermarket surplus. All the food was fresh, well prepared and tasty. I would have no hesitation in using their service again 10/10!"

"What an amazing display of culinary creativity and community! Will return again and again for delicious food and great conversation."

"High praise indeed! Thank you to all concerned in allowing me to have a wonderful, relaxed and delicious meal, served by very friendly people who have made me feel so very welcome. Keep up the good work."

"A Café with a difference – from food that otherwise would be in a landfill or waste bins. We, and all who attend enjoy fantastic meals. The range/variation on the menu is something to behold. Everyone is welcome and there is a real ‘buzz’ to the place. We can recommend this wonderful new venture to anyone who wants to try something different.★★★★★"

"We have both enjoyed visiting the Café on a few occasions now. The ladies that serve us are very friendly and give us an excellent service. The food, of course, is brilliant. Thanks to everyone involved for a great effort for such a worthwhile cause."

"I am a visitor from Germany and I am impressed by the project and Café. The atmosphere is very friendly and I like that people are chatting with each other. It is an inspiration to join. Thank you very much for the nice work!"

"The atmosphere in the Café is comfortable, friendly and welcoming. Tim´s energy, passion and enthusiasm for the project is heart-warming. Thank you to the friendly staff who cooked the delicious food and even gave personal recommendations! The cauliflower soup was the best I have tasted. Compliments to the Chef!"


About The Project

"It was a pleasure visiting the Café just before Christmas, I welcome the support that you are giving to the community through the Real Junk Food Café, not only be providing food for those in need, but also being able to help people access other support that they are in need of through a more informal approach. I'm glad to hear that you are preventing food from going to landfill and putting it to good use feeding people. The cafe was welcoming, and the food was delicious, although I think we agree we'd prefer to be in a position where the cafe wasn't needed, but while we know there are people out there going hungry then I wish you every success in getting that food to those who need it and I'm happy to support in whatever way I can."
- Cllr Faye Abbott, Coventry City Council -


About Tim

"Tim joined the SSE programme with the bones of an idea and some scepticism as to whether the SSE programme would provide the support he needed. During the programme we watched Tim grow in confidence and for his ideas to change, take shape and develop into what it is today. Tim was an extremely valuable contributor to his peers on the programme. He greatly increased their understanding and belief and they, in turn, did the same for Tim. Tim is now an ardent fan of the School for Social Entrepreneurs.
Tim kindly shared his journey recently with our new cohort of Social Entrepreneurs. He successfully engaged, inspired and motivated students with his open, honest and entertaining account. It was a delight to hear about his excellent progress and plans for further expansion."
- The School for Social Entrepreurs -


Volunteer Staff
Volunteer Staff